About Holly

"Holly Leer has an amazing voice and commanding presence that highlight her enormous talent. Perhaps one of the most entertaining singer/songwriters that I have heard in a long time..." JC Online Magazine

Drawing comparisons to Tracy Bonham, Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos, songwriter Holly Leer has been honing her skills in the Portland, Oregon music scene since 1999. A multi-instrumentalist and classically trained vocalist, she skillfully combines unconventional elements, like Native American flute or themes from Mozart, with mainstream instrumentation, resulting in a pop/rock mix that appeals to a diverse audience. 

And her voice refuses to be ignored. Able to be soothing and soft one moment, and loud and raucous the next, her vocal control and ability allow her to deliver dynamic and emotional performances that will keep listeners coming back again and again.  

Her songs run the gamut from beautifully introspective to angst-ridden, and touch on just about everything in between - love, anger, regret, and hope. So it comes as no surprise that her impressive debut album, Fire In My Bones, is a thrill-ride of emotion that will have you singing the infectious tunes for days after you've heard them. Since it’s release, several songs from the album have been getting airplay on several radio stations, over the airwaves, and online.

Holly was featured in the New Artist Spotlight at JC Online Magazine, and was chosen as a featured artist at Pongid Radio. Her song "Hang On" was placed in a short film, and "Teach Me to Fly" was chosen to be included on a CD compilation for Music For Troops.

Holly is registered with BMI, both as a songwriter, and as a publisher under the name HollyHawk Music. She has a BA in Music, has studied and worked with Portland music icon Mark Bosnian, and does session work as a backing vocalist. In addition to performing her own music, Holly has performed with Portland singer/songwriter, Lynn Frances Anderson, locally and around the US. Holly and Lynn co-wrote several songs for Lynn's  album One Fine Day. Currently, Holly is promoting Fire In My Bones, seeking TV and film placement for her music, and working on material for her second album.

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