What will this year hold? New music!

Every year when I go through the ritual of putting up a new calendar, I get a feeling of anxious anticipation.  What will be revealed in this stack of months?  What wonderful good times will be had?  What tragedies, if any, will unfold?  And at the end of this year, will I be saying "Good riddance!", or "That was a good one!"?  No matter what transpires as the months flip by, I welcome all of the opportunities and experiences, good or bad, that will arise.  

It is with this sense of anticipation that I am looking forward to finally recording some of my new music!  It has been much too long since I have launched any new material out into the world and I am excited to finally be ready to do so.  I will be letting you all know when it will be available for listening, and will be offering up some free downloads as well.  So, if you are not on the mailing list, sign up on my home page (www.hollyleer.com) to be the first to know about my newest recordings.

Here's hoping that the promise of a new year is realized in happy times, new accomplishments,  and opportunities to grow for all of us.

All the best,
xox Holly